End Overcharging

Charging citizens with multiple crimes in the beginning of the process, just to secure guilty pleas at the end is an abuse of power and calls into question the integrity of our system.

These cases slow down the entire criminal justice process and fuel mass incarceration, causing us to lose focus of the dangerous and violent offenders. 

Smart on Crime

The focus must be on violent and dangerous criminals. As your District Attorney, our office will focus on and devote its resources to crimes that target our children, our elderly, our marginalized communities, animals and crimes that focus on human trafficking, gun violence, sex assault and homicide. Crimes of this nature will be prosecuted to the fullest extent and any plea deal, if offered, will face strict scrutiny. Those who jeopardize our freedom and safety will be held accountable for their actions.

Community Engagement

Prosecutors and police cannot serve or effectuate fairness without the support and input from the communities they serve. Citizens should know the police in their community and have impactful relationships in order to effectively communicate. We must be present in the schools to warn our children about the dangers of drugs and addiction while in the midst of the deadly opioid epidemic, along with all other pressing issues that arise that may directly impact the well-being of our children.

Police Accountability

Complaints and allegations of police misconduct will be tracked, monitored and addressed appropriately.  Measures will always be taken to eliminate any concerns that the District Attorney’s Office could not be fair, unbiased or neutral due to the close relationship between its office and local law enforcement.  

Prosecutor Training

All county prosecutors will be trained to view cases with an eye for humanity and not solely for securing convictions. Our staff will be better trained to have a more in-depth understanding of the issues and the people that are entering the system, including the collateral consequences that will result in a criminal conviction. There must be mandatory training specific to implicit bias, anti-racism, serving the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities. All prosecutors must have a thorough understanding and knowledge of equity, intersectionality, social identities and diversity.